Indoor Competition

  1. Purchase a target from the store at the main entrance ($20/target). Each target must be stamped for the competition being entered and have the appropriate sticker. You may enter each competition as many times as you wish.
  2. Get a relay time to shoot your target (same desk).
  3. At the appropriate time have a marshall post your target at the appropriate distance for your event (standing 20 meters, kneeling 30 meters, sitting 40 meters, bench rest 50 meters)
  4. When the command  is given commence shooting.  You will have about 25 minutes to shoot 10 shots.  Your target has 2 center sighter bulls that you may use at any time during the shooting interval. One shot at each of the scoring bulls. If you shoot 2 shots at the same bull skip one of the other bulls and notify the marshall of the error.
  5. WFTF rules apply to shooting equipment, positions and shooting aids (except for bench rest).
  6. All entries/targets must be submitted for scoring before 9 pm the evening before Awards/banquet day.
  7. Prizes awarded as part of closing award ceremony.




Bench Rest