Monthly meeting

The monthly planning meeting for WFTC 2021 was held at Sgt Peppers
restaurant in Oakdale, Mn at 1PM on January 11th, 2020

Competition dates:  Not established  (NFAA personnel are out)

Finance Report:
Current balance in checking: $17,938.15
Saving: $50015.65
Projected expenses: ~$65,000

Discussion: There are several underlying questions that are coming up
concerning spending. The most important one is: Should we have a
committee that approves all expenditures over a certain amount?

If we have a committee approach, who is on the committee and at what
level expenditure do they need to be consulted?  I want to purchase 3
large carbon fiber Scuba tanks for $570 each (I am purchasing a 4th
separately with my own money). Does everyone agree that we should
spend money on these tanks (they are in the budget at $699 each), or
do we want to round up as many scuba tanks that we can find and use
them?   anyway, moving on….

I would also like to spend money on travel and hotel for committee
members.  For now I think the best thing is to simply save receipts
and we can see how the revenues shake out.

Website:  UP and running.  Suggestions welcome.  Ron wants a buffalo.
I will try to get one into the slide show.

Registration:  Greg to handle.  The big question is: if we are only
going to get 300 WFTF shooters, do we want to make a separate class of
20 ft lb shooters. We need more shooters to cover expenses. We could
also squad them together.  I think we should, if we don’t get 300 WFTF
shooters. If we get over 400 shooters, then no.

Banquets:  Ron has done some work on this.  Kelly Inn which is
adjacent to the complex can do whatever we need (apparently) for

Meals:  We need to get someone on site for evening meals during indoor
competitions. A local person (Abby, Evan from NFAA) needs to be
brought into the process.  Ron?

Nightly entertainment:  As above

Accommodations:  On website.  Some suggestion about giving those who
choose to sponsor some preferential treatment on website or in swag

Power checks:  Pete is looking into this.  I believe we have consensus
that we need something like the Air Chrony that isn’t so affected by
sunshite, clouds and shade.

Sight -in Range:  We have a consensus about using the H shaped Real
Estate wire frames. The original plan was to use 10 meter targets but
now…  The English sight in targets (which are better for field
target) are suggested.  Pete had a good suggestion — have a sponsor
pay in return for printing their logo on each of the targets.  How is
this implemented? Sponsor packages? Ron and Sally are getting quotes
for printing costs.

Pete came with extensive drawings for a radical new design.  I must
confess, it looks like a cool idea.  He is getting assistance from his
company. In return for a banner they will do something (help with
design, produce prototypes?).

That said, however, why are we developing a 2nd target prototype? We
originally agreed that we would use the Nockoever targets, the Troyer
design (for which all this prototyping money was spent) or the
Technotargets (who have been totally unresponsive to all emails). The
current expenditures include hardware to do maybe 50 to 100 Troyer
targets. We also know that the Troyer design will work and is probably
the cheapest (about $25/target). So is another prototype really
necessary?  My own feelings are: it is okay if it costs no additional
money to produce working prototypes and we can have it available for
testing by the end of March.  It has to work as well as the Troyer
design and be cheaper to produce.

Kill Zone size issue:  It seem that most everyone (not I) think that
we should just follow the WFTF rules regarding kill zone sizes — 38
of 50 targets are 40 mm, 12 are 25 or 15 mm. This certainly makes
things easier in some respects. But we should probably have a vote on
this and move on — we really don’t have time to wait for 40 countries
to agree to any changes. Let me know.

Range layout:  If we agree on Kill Zone sizes we can make a trip to
Yankton in the spring and do the layout — we will need lots of long

Spectator Management and parking:  deferred

Staff and auxillary personnel:  I was thinking we could count on
members of the Yankton air gun club but I am not sure about the status
of the club. There is also a question of training for marshals and
whether they even need to be trained or even if they need to be field
target shooters. Ron suggested we post the need for marshals and offer
to pay $100/day. I will try to get word back from Evan regarding local
personnel before posting on the website and adding additional

Indoor sight in range and competition: I want to proceed with some
planning on this now because it will be a lot more work than we think.
We need some sort of pellet trap system (there have been several
proposals), we need floor markings for yardage. We need bench rests
and sandbags, we need a system for scheduling shooters in relays. We
need scorers and a way to post results quickly and conspicuously. We
need a cashier, targets that are specially marked, range officers and

If you have a design for a cheap pellet trap let us know.  I was
thinking of using a simple wood frame with 2 rods at the top — one to
hold the target and one behind to hold a curtain of heavy material —
ice dam membrane, heavy landscaping cloth, etc.

Awards:  Ron showed several options, including a nice bison statue and
multiple medallions with bison — all bison, all the time.  His
past-champion rings have mutated into medallions. I understand that
honoring past champions has some marketing value but we should set a
budget limit on these prizes.

Sponsors:  Ron had a good option — subcontract the process.  There
are agencies that will find sponsors for a percentage of the take.  I
have started working with Tyler Patner from Pyramid air on possible
packages and fees.  The NFAA people probably have considerable
experience in this area although they may not know airgun merchants
and manufacturers.

Storage:  I am waiting for confirmation from Evan that they indeed
have set aside space for our stuff so we can have things delivered
directly to Yankton (e.g. the scuba tanks).

Last notes:  Please communicate your progress on different tasks to
the group.  I get very anxious when I don’t hear from you — I assume
you are slacking.  So just keep us updated on everything that you are
working on.

I will be out of country until February 22nd but should be able to get emails.

Thanks for all of your work so far.  I think we are off to a good start. -Mark Catlin.

3 thoughts on “Monthly meeting

  1. Great planning. You’ll have a hard time convincing the RGB’s and Sergio to change the rules concerning target manufacturer’s, side shoots and guns over 12fpe shooting the same course. Good luck guys.

  2. Also. If Pete’s/his companies subsidies were put towards buying Knockover the remainder could be put towards improving another part of the event.

    1. I hope to post some pictures of Peter’s targets. They seem to be superior in almost every way to the knockover targets currently available. That is a big claim but early testing shows them to be more durable, reliable and capable of functioning well when not level and even when tilted significantly down or up.

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